About us


Vizidox Solutions Limited (VDX) is a UK based company with a global platform. VDX provides bespoke data management and tracking solutions using blockchain technology to empower your business.

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Irrevocably transform the creation and verification of all digital credentials.

Secure management system

At present, all credential certification and verification processes can be forged and tampered with. VDX eliminates this risk by allowing digital credentials to be shared globally over the blockchain to provide proof of ownership.

VDX is agnostic, our platform can run on any blockchain protocols and can adapt to any customer-driven file format. VDX’s unique blockchain engine can be customised for the end user via a friendly hosted platform or as a white label engine.

VDX’s vision is to irrevocably transform the creation and verification of all digital credentials, such as digital credentials for Education, ID management for Banking, supply chain management for Retail, data management for Central Governments and copyright and royalty management for Music.