Blockchain in business


The VDX blockchain powered portal is transforming the way that we conduct business. The VDX portal is secure, reliable and tamper-proof and can be used as a white label engine or as an off the shelf portal.

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Boost the visibility of your brand

White label engine

Commonly referred to as “smart contracts” and “ledger technology”, entrepreneurs and large corporations are finding ways to overhaul and improve existing processes using blockchain. Leaving behind SME’s that are either not aware of blockchain or see it as an unaffordable investment due to lack of time or resources.


Building a customised solution from scratch can be a setup for failure. You’re trying to reinvent the wheel making mistakes that could be avoided, dramatically slowing down your time to market as you troubleshoot and overspend developing a solution that already exists.


VDX platform is powered by the blockchain – an incorruptible digital ledger of transactions that can be programmed to record virtually everything of value.


Our solution enables any organisation to issue any credential over the blockchain that can then be immediately verified and shared globally with concerned parties.

Introducing the VDX
‘White Label’ Engine

Developed and run by a team of experienced blockchain developers since 2013, VDX’s blockchain technology is ready to be integrated and can be fully customised to your requirements.

It’s like having an in-house developer, but at a fraction of the cost

It’s taking the pressure off and saving you time and money

It’s technology experts at your fingertips

Watch how it works

Feel free to watch our 1 min video explanatory to learn more about our White Label Engine.

Track all of your credentials worldwide.



Issuers can manage uploaded documents, issue certificates, verify them, and share them with recipients.



Vizidox provides recipients access to a portal where they can check their records and publicly share them



Third-parties can download publicly shared documents and verify the integrity of their certificates.

Off the shelf solution packages

Starter Package

2 users max


Annual License
Installed on VDX hosted platform
Up to 10000 credentials per month
Social media sharing
Full credential tracking
Two credential templates






Advanced Package

5 users max


Annual license
Installed on VDX hosted platform
up to 50000 credentials per month
Encrypted chat
Social media sharing
Full credential tracking
Five credential templates





Premium Package

Unlimited users


Annual License
Installed on VDX hosted platform or self-hosted
Customised branding
Unlimited credentials
Encrypted chat
Social media sharing
Calendar integration
Full credential tracking
Customisable dashboard
Email integration
Built-in template design tool