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VDX provides bespoke data management and tracking solutions using blockchain technology to empower your retail business.

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The Fashion industry is labelled as the second most polluting industry after the oil industry.

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For example, buying one single fashion garment doesn’t just affect the person that wears it. The choice will affect the workers producing the clothing in the factory as it is entirely possible they will encounter health problems caused by the chemicals used in the production process.


This can leave workers fearful of their future capabilities and income stream empowering workers to demand better conditions or seek alternative employment. Then there is the question of fair pay… Are the workers receiving a fair wage? Especially when working in dangerous circumstances or a polluted work environment.

Transparency & traceability are the enablers of change! With a blockchain powered platform by VDX, brands can champion their supply chains to put the power into the hands of the consumer creating a level of trust between the concerned parties.


Whether it is a bar of chocolate or a t-shirt, shoppers can trace the information to its point of origin, its production process and find out about the labour involved in making the product. All of this can be discovered through the chain of verified information, which is recorded over the distributed ledger protocol.

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Our blockchain application reaches much further than the world of finance. The nature of the blockchain is set to make industries accountable for what they produce especially within the retail sector. Transparency and traceability are the enablers of change.

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