Media Pack

Hello, welcome to the Vizidox media pack.

This media pack provides information and tools and set the standards for using Vizidox brand name, logos, typefaces and other design elements in advertisements, brochures, newsletters, packaging and online communications.

Vizidox branding and images.

VDX Teal, VDX Black and VDX Grey. When only one colour is allowed, please mainly use fully black. Download the zip file of all .AI and .EPS versions of our logo, including the versions for education, retails and charity.

Vizidox Stock Images.

Above are examples of Blockchain stock imagery which is to be used in any company branding materials. Download our stock imagery and set icons ready to be used on print or web.

Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines are essentially a set of rules that explain how Vizidox brand works. These guidelines typically include information such as: logo, strapline, colour, size or anything else which might affect the right usage of our brand online and on print.


Download the full brand guidelines.

For press & media related inquiries, contact us at