Supporting Blockchain Education: Vizidox and Cointelligence Academy

Vizidox Solutions limited (VDX), a blockchain-based data management platform, is the most recent company to lend their support to Cointelligence Academy, the online education platform created by Cointelligence.

Cointelligence Academy provides classes that can help students with no previous blockchain knowledge and basic tech know-how learn the intricacies of the blockchain and crypto. The goal is to help usher in mass adoption by demonstrating the possibilities of cryptocurrency.

VDX is no stranger to the intersection of blockchain and education. In addition to business and retail-focused offerings, they create portals that allow organisations and students to build a secure, verifiable digital record of their certifications and qualifications.

We believe that blockchain can streamline operations and improve data integrity across many industries,” said VDX CEO Freddy Elturk. “But before a business can feel confident integrating blockchain into their operations, they have to understand the technology. Cointelligence Academy offers an easily accessible way for everyone from C-level execs to young students to learn about blockchain and crypto.

Crypto education is not only an important step for mass adoption, but also for making sure that people engage in cryptocurrency in a smart and safe way. Cointelligence Academy aims to teach students important skills such as how to safely store their assets in a wallet, how to choose a reputable exchange, and how to know whether a crypto investment opportunity is actually a clever scam.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the most exciting development of my lifetime,” said Cointelligence CEO On Yavin. “Cointelligence Academy is my way of sharing my excitement with the rest of the world. I believe that when people learn about crypto, they can’t help but see the possibilities.

VDX’s collaboration with Cointelligence Academy helps Cointelligence continue to offer these sessions for free, allowing everyone easy access to blockchain education no matter their financial standing or geographic location.

For more information visit Cointelligence website.

About Cointelligence: Cointelligence conducts data research and analysis for the crypto economy. They create relevant tools for investors, namely an impartial and accurate ICO/STO listing and rating system, and crypto exchange rating system. While it is possible to find huge amounts of data widely available to the public, collecting everything and taking only what you need is not an easy task. Cointelligence was created to bridge this information gap in the crypto economy. It is a market maker, focused on bringing blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the masses through the use of fundamental economics, real-time market data, and great industry coverage.

About Vizidox: Vizidox Solutions Limited (VDX) is a UK based company with a global platform. VDX provides bespoke data management and tracking solutions using blockchain technology to empower your business.

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